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Hello Friends, I’m Jenry. Today in this article , I want to tell about Google Web Stories Creator and Builder. Web Stories, MakeStories are the best Google Web Stories WordPress Plugin. And newsrooms are also great platforms for stories to happen.

google web stories wordpress plugin


MakeStories helps to Publishers & Marketers to build Web stories. like Visual Graphics and Monetize Google Web Stories. Make Stories is world Class Plugin to Create & Marketing Web Stories. This two Main Features is enough for success in Web Story. Not just an editor, MakeStories is everything you will ever need for your Web Stories

Editor Simple As Drag & Drop

MakeStories : The best web stories can be created by simple drag & drop. No coding is required. Here, all the tools needed to create a story are given in advance. Just drag & drop the tools you want to create a story.

workspace to design in collaboration

MakeStories Help and Support Publishers to create a successful web story. More than one million image and story templates are available in the MakeStories library. publisher can quick use it simple drag & Drop.

Latest & modern way to reach your audience

Web Stories are visual experiences on amp pages. We know it in social media with stories or status. Currently, the trend of short video in social media has increased a lot. Similarly, a web story is also a short video.

As we can get the attention of millions of people with a short video in social media. In the same way can get organic traffic from web stories.

Publishing web stories with easy SEO tools

MakeStories follows Google Discover’s policies and Google Search Console SEO guidelines. So the chances of the web story getting rank in Google search increases. MakeStories provides tips and suggestions when a publisher creates a story. It helps the Suggestion and Tips story to rank in Google and get attention.

SEO tools help publishers to SEO a web story in terms of Keywords, content, and links. It prompts users to create stories according to the rules of Google Search Console. Web Stories SEO is very important. If SEO is good then the story will get automatic organic traffic.

Top class Publishing tools for easy SEO

For your Google Web Stories to surface on google discover and search as single results, they must comply with google discover policies and google’s webmaster guidelines. We walk you through every step & also validate the story inside the editor itself.

MakeStories helper plugin provides lots of tools to create story with high score seo performance. Provides fields to add keywords, title, meta description, and image key phrase to rank your stories.

Analytics to Analysis story on web

Google has built-in tools for analyzing web stories known as Google Analytics only connect it analyses story. MakeStories makes it easy to connect Stories and check the performance of Stories on your website.

MakeStories Analytics provides you with the ability to measure the impact of modifying your marketing strategy, which is essential for enhancing and optimizing your online marketing campaigns.

Create Google Web Stories in WordPress

Our plugin allows you to effortlessly create your Google Web Story directly on your WordPress website. With this tool, you can build captivating stories without requiring any additional technical resources. What’s more, our plugin is fully compatible with Gutenberg, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience.

Utilize the functionalities of the MakeStories Plugin for WordPress to enhance the user experience and deliver exceptional outcomes to your audience.

100+ design rich templates at your fingertips

  1. Access over 100 design-rich templates conveniently within your reach.
  2. Unlock a vast collection of 100+ design-rich templates, ready for your use.
  3. Explore a diverse range of 100+ design-rich templates, easily accessible for your convenience.
  4. Discover a plethora of design-rich templates, with over 100 options at your disposal.
  5. Gain instant access to a wide selection of 100+ design-rich templates, just a click away.
Google Web Stories

Become Expert in Google Web Stories

Google Web Stories create a dynamic experience for users. Explore this guide to discover what Web Stories are and how to ensure they appear on Google

Features Of MakeStories WordPress Plugin

Leverage The Capabilities Of MakeStories Plugin For WordPress To Bring Great Experiences To Your Users!

Editor Simple As Drag & Drop : With a simple drag and drop functionality, create professional Google Web Stories that communicates your message beautifully.

Workspace To Design In : Access a library of more than one million images and visually transform your Google Web Stories faster with your team.

MakeStories WordPress Plugin : Seamlessly create Google Web Story on your WordPress website

Web Hosting With No Technical Hassle : Host your Google Web Stories on MakeStories’s fast & secure WebHost.

Industry First, Mobile App : Convenience of creating Google Web Stories at your fingertips. Co-design, publish and run feedbacks even quicker.

Play Stories On Your Website With Our Story Player : Create Instagram style carousels that can be easily embedded into your website.

Newsroom AI


Newsroom AI help users to make Google Web Stories free of cost. Create web stories on Newsroom AI and embed the code on your website. We can practices for creating google web story in this tools. Make stories that feel like real visual stories.

Track Best web stories by internal & External analytics tools. Also use google analytics to track google web story. Newsroom provides facilities to compare your past visitors and rank on google with real time analytics.

Enhance your purchasing tactics by utilizing Newsroom AI’s influential advertisement placements, which effectively target audiences during crucial moments. Benefit from a seamless and secure delivery across the open web, specifically customized to align with your distinct objectives, resulting in exceptional campaign results.

An exclusive collection of tools encompassing Design, Planning, and Analytics capabilities.

Newsroom AI is a cutting-edge platform for content creation that empowers brands and media owners to harness their media and storytelling expertise in order to effectively captivate and connect with the emerging mobile audience.

The most exceptional creative formats in their class.

We are resolutely opposing the prevailing trend of social-display and other content-free, imitative formats that undermine trust and diminish user experience.

The Open Web boasts the utmost superior scale available.

Newsroom AI utilizes a meticulously selected roster of inventory partnerships, which are offered either as Private Marketplace or Open Exchange opportunities.

Develop a commercially diverse product range that possesses an exceptional global appeal.

Maintain command over your revenue by developing product-packages that prioritize content, effectively utilizing your audience, trading agreements, and storytelling abilities.

Google Web Stories WordPress Plugin

If your website on WordPress CMS. I Recommended bellow list of plugin that help you to create web stories. This is the best web stories plugin for WordPress Website.

google web stories wordpress plugin

Web Stories By Google

Web Stories is free and open source use to enable web stories features on your WordPress website. It is an google’s official plugin that help you to create web stories. If your website on WordPress you can choose this plugin to make stories.

Benefits Of Google Web Stories WordPress Plugin

Google Web Stories plugin help us to create beautiful stories and engage content easily. Also we can get many benefits is as follow:

  • Create beautiful stories and engaging content easily
  • Enjoy creative flexibility for editorial freedom and branding
  • Share and link your stories on the open web
  • Track and measure your stories
  • Capture the attention of your readers by offering fast loading times to your stories
  • Engage with your readers via immersive storytelling
  • Monetize effectively the beautiful and engaging stories you create

Everything You Need To Know About Google Web Stories

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